Mickey at the Do Lectures

Inspiring stuff, Mickeys talent for Photography and Film is second to none and as you can see here he is as humble as anyone.

Double S

I was never really into the Stussy label but somehow found my way to Shawn Stussys blog and website this morning and  liked what I saw. Hes’ shaping some interesting boards, obviously drawing inspiration from Karl Ekstrom and other contemporary shapers. It’s good to see how things are moving with assymetrical boards and I hope to see something happening over here in the near future.


Forward thinking…

Heading into the Cornish winter I find myself day dreaming of Indo and especially May 2011. The photos above were taken during some of the heaviest G-Land I’ve surfed and with a strange swell angle to boot adding to the warpey nature of the beast, hence the weird lump in the foreground. Still the old faithful 7’2 single hangs in there, that’s gotta be the most reliable board for me, the old Lupus.

Tame Impala ep.


Among the top bands of the year for me, I’ve been looking for the Vinyl E.P with this track on, can’t find it, everyone went and got it before me. Dang.


It’s Better In The Wind…

I found my way to this video the other day and thought I’d share it here. It’s a great film with good vibes and it gets me stoked for my project bike arriving in a few days. The film depicts highlights of a trip taken by a few friends through some of the western states of America. It is also a side project to a book of the same name, It’s Better In The Wind. Book and Video by Scott G Toepfer.


Foam Symmetry

This new quaterly magazine out of Australia looks to be good and clean and full of rad content, and with Dane Peterson at the photographical helm it looks to be beautiful throughout.  I’m looking forward to getting my hands on Issue 1, out soon.



so this is the new blog, nicely tied into my website…


… and this is where i left off – goose jerky