My feature on Korduroy courtesy of Jim…

As is true of so many artists and photographers, John Eldridge’s creative output reflects his lifestyle. Based on the west-facing coast of Cornwall, his is a surfer’s life driven along by the constant flow of Atlantic winds, that both fill him with contempt for the cold and energy to travel; an intrepid spirit, for John the horizon is a line he must stand on. Having recently undertaken an extensive junket through Europe, Morocco and the Western Sahara, he brings it all home again with photographs engrained with vivid experiences and the soul of a devoted surfer.

He often reclaims elements from the past, perhaps in his searching for a more authentic, less synthetic future; looking for substance in the imprint of a typewriter, the emulsion of an old polaroid or simplicity in an ancient… read more








Free donkey rides!

Free Tattoos!

Prize goes to Swedish Tim who managed to get my fiance’s lips tattooed on his arse after only meeting a few hours earlier! hahah

Line Up Exhibition

I will be exhibiting among others in the Line Up exhibition, part of the Newquay Art Festival from the 14th to the 21 April. Well at least I hope I will, I’m in Indo and I’ve left some photography with James Van Der Booth to hang for me. So if you’re in the area go and check it out. These pieces will be among my lot. Enjoy, I would love to be there, but hey, things are pretty good here.