Sightings 5 / LSFF 2012

Sink Swim premiered at the London Surf Film Festival on Saturday night and to a great reception. (Photo Cred - Simon Plunket). The project was a very unique one for us with no pre-production at all, in fact we had absolutely no idea that we were going to be making a film as we arrived in Indonesia and  even as we started shooting there was no story. We had very limited kit and zero budget.  As we moved through our trip the film seemed to write itself, although with little in the way of idea development and absolutely no script or storyboard to follow. It is because of this that Sink Swim has been a very personal project and for it to be so well received at the festival was very inspiring to us. In fact the whole festival was a great inspiration for future projects, more on the festival in a future post. For the moment here is Sightings 5 which was screened after Sink Swim as a little bonus surf short (perhaps to make up for the lack of surf in the main film…!)

Thanks goes out to Chris, Demi and the team at London Surf Film Festival for a great event, one I am looking forward to seeing grow over the next few years…


Sightings 5 / 6 from karmakaze on Vimeo.


Sink Swim at the London Surf Film Festival

Our film Sink Swim is screening at the london surf film festival at 9.55 pm Sat night alongside Tracking. It’s a fictional piece 12 minutes long with a dark undertone and although filmed during our last trip to Indonesia only has a few waves in, its a little different so keep an open mind… we are hoping some of you will join us at the screening…


International Short


Sink Swim, John Eldridge, Mathilda Friström, UK, 2012, 12 mins.

Sink Swim is a no-budget art house short set in a tropical idyll of freedom, warmth and waves. Two fictional characters become separated in this beautiful yet brooding piece.

Director: John Eldridge / Mathilda Friström

Camera: Mathilda Friström / John Eldridge
Produced by: Karmakaze
Music: Niels Nielsen

// Accompanied by Sightings 5/6 – UK, 2012, 5mins

(screening with Tracking)