‘John Eldridge looks at life and captures his images, visual and poetic, with the eye of an artist and the heart of a mystic. His work speaks to our deepest urge to feel life more completely and know our connection to the earth and each other.’ Richard Moss, author of The Mandala of Being, and Inside-Out Healing.

‘A most interesting look into the realm of the ocean. A strange serenity and personal reflection, it feels loke a document of the moment, how every second is a work of mystery and form. Visually stunning and an excellent use of the medium.’ Unknown visitor at exhibition, message left on typewrite

‘Love this tyewriter! And the sensitivity in your work. Lovely originality.’ Unknown visitor at exhibition, message left on typewriter.

‘What is so striking about Johns work is his rejection of hi-tech equipment in favour of more low fi medium to create images that whilst they are beautifully accidental are at the same time full of purpose and reason. It is this contrast that gives the work both an infinite and timeless quality and invokes genuine emotion.’ Ollie Clegg, artist

‘I like to let my work speak for itself and don’t often feel the need to explain much. This however comes to a head from time to time when people ask me whether I have manipulated any of my images digitally, and so I do have to give up a few words about my work now and then. All of my photographic images are printed directly from the negative and so are totally analogous in nature. I love the rich colour and grain which can be achieved through film photography. I enhance this through the use of creative techniques with film and camera. All of my polaroid and typewritten work are one off pieces and on this site are scanned directly from the originals. I thoroughly enjoy creating my imagery and I thank you for stopping by and spending a little time on the site.’ John