I started framing my own work in May 2011 after my previous framer, Bruce, retired. His work was excellent and he created unique custom frames which gave my work the presence and weight which I felt they deserved. Wanting to keep this certain style of framework around my photography I asked bruce for a little guidance and also acquired some of his equipment. I now frame all of my own work as well as art, photography, printwork and more for local artists, friends and the general public. I am also available to frame for galleries and exhibitons.

Using wood mouldings I create custom wooden frames finished in a choice of Farrow and Ball paint, wax or varnish and using various different techniques. I can frame work in many different ways and enjoy advising the customer as to which style of frame and mount may work best for each individual piece.

If you would like a quote or to come and chat about any prospective framing then please feel free to contact me via email.


Follow the image below to a gallery of a selected frames hand crafted for other clients.